October 22, 2017 | Gainesville to Warrenton, Va.
Fall Drive – Sunday, October 22nd 2017
What a beautiful day we had, motoring in our antique motor cars!  The ride began at 10 a.m. in Gainesville, Virginia. It was great to see such a great turnout, which included four of our newest members:
  • Michael Maloney (BJ8)
  • Joe and Kathleen Foster (BJ8)
  • Tom and Jackie Brownell (BJ8) – New members
  • Mark and Alane Gagnon (AN5) - New members
  • Don and Kim Crouse (BJ8)
  • Anil and Shanthi Fatterpaker (BJ 9 chase car)  
  • Steve and Kris Garrett (BJ 9 chase car)
  • Joe Maestri (Saxon)
When we left the Regal Virginia Gateway Cinema parking lot, the temperature was in the low 50s. The scenery was spectacular, particularly with all of the Healeys on the beautiful backroads of Prince William, Loudon and Rappahannock counties. 

We took roads such as Route 55, Route 15, and Route 647 to get from Gainesville to Flint Hill, where we had lunch at the Griffin Tavern. We ran into Kirby Nelson, who was really curious about the AN5 Sebring Sprite owned by the Gagnons. 

After eating lunch and catching up with Kirby, several of us went on to the Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works in Sperryville.  The brewery offers a great selection, and has a beer garden out back. By the time we arrived at the brewery, the temperatures were in the 70s, so we appreciated the beer and relaxing in the serenity of the beer garden. 

From there, we traveled on to the Moo Thru Ice Cream shop in Remington, where we reluctantly said our goodbyes.
Above are some pictures so that those who went can reminisce and those who didn’t can drool with envy.
Thank you, Michael Maloney, for arranging such a beautiful ride, and making reservations for 14 of us at Griffin Tavern and Hopkins Ordinary! You made it look easy, but we know it took a lot of work.

Kathleen Foster